About Us

Investing in Exceptional Opportunities

Occasio is a leading private investment firm founded in 2016, with an internationally experienced team of professionals who see opportunities where others see challenges. 

Our breadth of experience and complementary skill sets have generated innovative capital solutions which often break the mold of traditional thinking. 

Our partners and investors trust us to deliver superior risk adjusted outcomes, and we are proud to have longstanding relationships with them.


We follow a high-conviction active management strategy, with all of our investment opportunities focusing on risk
and returns.

The Occasio Approach

The heart of Occasio is guaranteeing personalised attention on our investments, and ensuring that our partners’ visions are brought to fruition with our high-quality service and innovative solution propositions.

Our proactive end-to-end approach begins with providing partners with expertly conducted research, and structuring an individualised strategy to generate superior outcomes to clients with support from our unique breadth and depth of capital. 

Our approach consistently produces exceptional results and establishes genuine lasting relationships with clients.

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